Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What Men Want In A Woman: Qualities You Don't Have

Relationships aren’t easy. That is the reason why people who get it right with a person and find eternal bliss are usually so happy. While every person is as unique as the next one, there are a few traits that make you more compatible, and a better person. There are a few traits that men seek in women, and pick the ones that exude these qualities.

It’s our traits and qualities that differentiate us from person to person. We pick the people we like based on their qualities. While we all have our own set of special manners and qualities, some traits are universal and make you a pleasant person to be with.


Confidence is being yourself, being comfortable with who you are and letting the world know that you matter. Confidence comes when you love yourself, and when you love yourself, other follow suit.


Gone are the days when men liked women who relied on the men in their lives. The world has changed, and so has perception. Men like women who are independent and in control.

Clear minded

Men fall for women who know what they, and are not shy of it. Head strong women are very appealing as they come into a relationship with no baggage. Also, clear minded women do not play mind games, hence men like to be with them.


It goes without saying that men like women who are loyal. Why would anyone invest their time and energy in a woman who they are not sure about? Loyalty from both the people in a relationship is utmost important.

Complements him

The term ‘opposites attract’ is right to an extent. Men like women who complement them, their traits and habits. A guy who writes will gel well with a woman who likes to read, a man who plays sports will fall for a woman who is interested in sports!


Who doesn’t value kindness? Kindness is one of the traits that enhance a person’s personality. Men like women who are kind. Whether it is with friends, family or a total stranger, kindness is one trait that everyone is thankful for.

Not a gold digger

It’s sad when a woman is in a relationship only for the gifts and money showered on her! Love definitely does not come with a price tag. Men absolutely abhor girls who are gold diggers.


When a woman takes care of her health, it shows how invested and proactive a woman is. Also, why wouldn’t a man like to enjoy life with a woman who is healthy and also inspires him to take care of himself!


Men love intelligent women. It challenges them and also they know they can communicate better with a woman who is smart and clever. A thinking woman is a great company.

Fun to get along

One aspect of love is friendship, and we are friends with people who are interesting. One quality that men want in women is that they should be fun and easy going.


No one is perfect, hence forgiveness is such an important quality. Every now and then, people make mistakes. What is important is to see the person and not just the mistake.


A relationship without communication cannot survive for long. If it’s difficult for a man to communicate with a woman, then such a relationship will never last. Communication is one of the basic traits that form a strong relationship.

Respects privacy

When there is no privacy in a relationship, everything just goes downhill. Especially with men, maintaining a private space is very important. As per men, an ideal woman is one who understands the need for privacy and respects the same.


The person we love becomes our go-to person when we need reassurance and support. Likewise, men like to be with women who are supportive and lend an ear and a shoulder as and when needed.

Here you go girls! You know you are patience, support and love incarnated, so show that to the guy and make them realize that you are the one and he better settle down for you!


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